Extruding while homing axis

  • Hello. How can I extrude/retract while I am moving one axis towards it's endstop?
    I have relative extrusion enabled.
    G91 G1 S1 V-600 E-600 F3000 is moving only the V axis.

  • Maybe look at the status for the enstop of E axis? S1 would apply to both V and E.
    (and for futureproofing I'd go with H1 instead of S1 as it has mixed meanings depending on mode FFM/laser)

    M119prints out the status of the endstops.

  • The sensor triggers, I've just assigned another A axis on the extruder drive. Now V and A axis move together but A doesn't stop when V triggers the endstop. V stops but A just continue to finnish the movement.

  • @ntrack said in Extruding while homing axis:

    V stops but A just continue to finnish the movement.

    That is the expected behaviour. Someone else will have to chime in on how to reconfigure the two motors to move as a single axis to achieve what you want.

  • Will I have to wire the endstops to the E pins as well as V axis? I already have two endstops on V

  • That could work if its a possibility. G1 H1 Vn An will move both V and A until they hit their respective enstops or have moved n units.

    Alternatively you could configure V axis to move two motors prior to the move in question, then both would stop when V endstop is hit. But I'm not too familiar with how that works.

  • Two motors with different steps/mm is well above my level 🙂

    I’ll wire the endstops to the E pin and V , I will call the A axis whenever I want that motor to stop to trigger. Hopefully it works , I’ve seen something similar on the forum.

  • I can't make it work with the endstop connected to V and E pins . First I tried modifying config.g , adding E3 A3 in M584 and configure microstepping and steps/mm the same as the E axis and I've had the same behaviour as before. V axis would stop when it hits the endstop while A axis would continue the move.

    Then I tried to swap the assignments of the drivers on the fly with the intention to revert it after the endstop is triggered.

    M584 E9 A3  	          	           
    M350 A16 E16 I0
    M92 E946 A946			   ; Set steps per mm
    M566 E240 A240                            ; Set maximum instantaneous speed changes (mm/min)
    M203 E7200 A7200                     ; Set maximum speeds (mm/min)
    M201 X2500 Y2500 Z200 E5000 U500 V2000 W2000                      ; Set accelerations (mm/s^2)
    M204 P1250 T2500				   ; Set acceleration When printing
    M906 E950 A950 I44                     ; Set motor currents (mA) and motor idle factor in per cent
    M84 S30                                          ; Set idle timeout
    M208 A-1000 S1
    M208 A1000 S0
    G92 A0
    M574 V2 A2 S0 			; set V axis max endstop to switched low
    G1 V100 A100 H1 F500	        ; fast feed filament into extruder
    G92 V0 A0			; force V to 0mm

    Basically configuring an entire new axis and moving the extruder on a unpopulated stepper. This results in the same behaviour as above, v axis stops at the endstop while A axis finishes the move.

    I also found this. Moving the extruder on another stepper on the duex5 would help? Are those treated as extruders as well?

  • Yeah, I might have the answer there. According to that A axis endstop should work if connected to E3.
    A axis is controlled by E3 endstop.Problem solved.

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