E0 and E1 endstop inputs on DuetWiFi

  • What are they needed for and where are they used?

    And how to check endstop status using g-code commands or using DWC? Both M119 command and DWC's machine properties page doesn't report E0 and E1 status. Maybe I should configure something before using this feature?

    I'm just "developing" transistor-based amplifier to my very weak optical endstop output (red endstop led on Duet's pcb is half-light) and I decided to use free E0 or E1 endstop inputs to test everything before replacing connections to X/Y/Z microswitch-based endstop inputs.

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    The E0 endstop is used for the U axis if you have one in firmware 1.16. In machines without the U axis it can be used to connect a Z probe (type 4 in the M558 command). Likewise E1 is used for the V axis. Endstop inputs that are not used for anything else can be used to trigger macro files, see http://reprap.org/wiki/G-code#M581:_Configure_external_trigger.

    With firmware 1.16 the U and V endstop status is shown in the M119 respond and in DWC if you create the additional axes using M584 and then enable U and V endstop using M574.

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