External Mosfet

  • I have a IFR520 mosfet (n-channel)that I am trying to control with expansion connector Pin 13 (heater 4). on my Duet Wifi I have already disabled it with M307 H4 A-1 C-1 D-1. When I connect the mosfet and power up the Duet Wift the mosfet with a fan connected with no command issued comes on. When I set the I1 param in the M42 command, nothing changes. I can use M42 P4 S255 to turn the fan off. I get the same thing with every other heater pin I try. I assume I am missing something. I thought I had read something that the I1 no longer works with M42? I thought that the heater pins should be active low by default.

  • @ahoward7652 Firmware Version is 2.04

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