warning z=0 datum was not determined

  • M144
    Warning: the height map was loaded when the current Z=0 datum was not determined probing. This may result in a height offset.

  • M144 sets the bed to it's standby temperature. What are you trying to say? That setting this causes this error message?
    Load the height map with [G29](G29: Mesh bed probe), usually G29 S1. The printer must be homed with G28 before using this command; loading the height map before homing is the usual way to get this message.


  • @droftarts error notification start printer.

  • It sounds like you have G29 S1 in your config.g, which means it's trying to load the heightmap without having the printer homed and so not knowing where Z0 is.

    Remove G29 S1 from config.g and add it to your slicer start code after homing, or add it to the end of your homeall.g.

  • you also get that message if you home against limit switches (for example on a delta at the top) without homing with the Z probe. My Z switches on my delta is good enough for me not probing with BLtouch each time so I get that each time I don't do a probe run before loading the height map. It's not a error it's just a warning telling you that the height map is based on the Z datum set with the probe and not the limit switches you home against.

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