Best frequency for E3D 24v Heatsink fan at lower power %?

  • From my previous printers I've always run the heatsink fan on E3D at between 50-75% but try as I might, I can not get it to run at under S0.98 power setting

    I am hopefull this range of adjustment can be increased using a non-default frequency, but maybe someone has gone through this, so I don't have to start from nothing?

    My current config is as follows:

    • FAN1

    • Power 98%

    • Turned on/off by Heater 1 at 50c

    M106 P1 S0.98 H1 T50 ; Set fan 1 - HS
    ```Relevant Gcode: [](
    Found I can get it down to S0.97 by running at F400\. Running at lower than 250 makes it stop… I would like it to get much lower though.

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