Duet Maestro Laser Control

  • I am going to finish my machine using the Duet Maestro board. I have a 43mm mount where I want to mount e.g. an extruder or laser.

    Can I use the heater pin to control the laser? Of course with a different configuration loaded.

  • That depends on the laser module. Check the duet wiki, there is an extensive write up for one kind of laser module at https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/Laser_PWM_control

  • I am hinting on getting a Maestro for my (dedicated) laser too. I am quite fed up with the old Rambo I had laying around and al marlin and grbl shit you can throw at it, but nothing really works...

    But that page that oliof mentions above is quite difficult to follow. Why does one need to hobby some circuit board at all? When I look at the fan connections on the Maestro, I see a jumper that is able to choos 5V for the fan. Is that not an ideal way to connect a laser? Can I make use of lasermode M452 using that connection? What is the default PWM frequency on that connector? Seems like my laser is specced for 20kHz, but I am guessing that is a max and not a must...


  • @DeltaCon

    Indded that's what I suggested. AFAIK you could specify a lower frequency if your laser allows modulation this way. I'd rather use this as a discrete output to turn the laser on and off.

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