Duet 2 Wifi Nozzle offset

  • Hi all i recently upgraded my Anycubic Predator to a Duet 2 Wifi board and 7" Screen and I am no expert when it comes to configuration but I have a problem I have calibrated the bed using the supplied probe with the predator and it works great gives me a map of the board but the offset I am talking about is how far the nozzle needs to be off the bed once it goes to print I have manually raised the nozzle to 0.65 to get the printer printing and works great but looking to find out how to set this so i don't have to do this all the time can anyone spare a few minutes and advise me how to do this i have tried to follow some instructions online but not getting anywhere

  • For a delta you should go through this document to dial in your calibration.


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