Magnetic Filament Monitor Calibration

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    I have a question about the calibration results for the magnetic filament monitor. I ran a simple 30x30x30 calibration cube and monitored it throughout the print. I started to get an average mm/rev result that seemed to stay pretty constant while checking it throughout the print (25.81mm/rev). I set my range at 70% to 130% and it only got down to 85% and up to 109%.

    Last night I ran a much longer print and it paused due to not extruding enough filament so I am guessing it went below the 70% threshold. Upon starting it again this morning and finishing the print, the average mm/rev has gone up to 26.8mm/rev. Should I be using this value now as it was a much longer calibration print? The 30x30x30 cube was printed hollow and only took about 25 mins to run, where the resumed section of the print this morning was about 1hr 30mins.

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    @samlogan87 i would use the value from the longer print, with some retractions.

  • thanks for your reply @T3P3Tony

    I will use that and see how I go. It makes sense to use the longer one. I did a print last night that had a fair bit of retraction and it only got down to a min 94% and a max of 107% over 9m of filament using the newer mm/rev.