XBox PSU Control Wiring

  • Hi everyone,

    I have a new Printer with a Duet Wifi and a XBox PSU running. Now I would like to control the PSU with the M80 and M81 commands. I know that the control logic is somewhat inverted between ATX and XBox powersupplys in the way, that the XBox PSU Control Pin has to be on 5V to enable the 12V power while the ATX PSU requires the Control Pin to be connected to Ground to enable 12V power.

    Has anybody an example, how I would have to wire the Duet PS_ON pin to the XBox PSU Control pin to enable the M80 and M81 Commands? I only have rudimentary knowledge in this area of electronics. My gutt feeling would be to combine an inverter and a level shifter, but maybe there is an easier way to achieve it.

  • Thank you very much, it works. I wasn't aware that some other power supplies had the same Problem.