Meanwell remote turn on question?

  • I am in need of a new PSU and I have read that some of the meanwell supplies have a remote turn on.The data sheet for the supplies have this information regarding the on/off function

    RC+/RC-: 0 ~ 0.8V or Short, Power ON RC+/RC-: 4 ~ 12V or Open, Power OFF

    12V@0.1A(only for Remote ON/OFF Control)

    What would be needed to use this function on the Meanwell and how would you need to wire it?

  • when i was using an atx power supply i used the ps_on pin.
    However an atx is the oposite.
    short = psu_on
    open = pos_off

    for that to work you will need an external 5v supply.

  • @siblues can you perhaps post a part number or datasheet for the one you are looking at?

    Also what are you trying to achieve? If you want the Duet to run, and then switch on the higher voltage for steppers and heaters etc when needed, you need to supply 5V to the 5V pin near the PS_ON and ensure the 5V jumper is correctly configured (in this case I think a 5V linear regulator will draw more than the Remote allows).

    There are a lot of ways it can be setup. On the Duet the PS_ON pin connects through a N-type transistor to GND (this is what an ATX PSU requires to startup).

    I have it so that my 24V runs through a 24V relay Coil, then to the PS_ON Pin for GND (also have a momentary bypass switch over the relay to start my printer as my PSU is a simple Meanwell LRS 350). The relay provides Mains to the PSU. In my setup, I have to manually start my printer; but it can shut itself down completely (useful for possible future safety features; or to simply shut down after a print finished at a time when no-one will be close).

  • I've bought a Meanwell HRPG-600-24 which also has the remote possibility.

    Is it possible to switch it in the software that it works like this:
    rc+ --> rc- short = PSU off
    rc+ --> rc- open = PSU on

  • I used this schema with my meanwell psu and enjoy it now

  • Thank you for your reply.
    But this is not the solution that I've looked for.
    I'd like to switch off the printer with the remote control possibility of my Meanwell HRPG-Series PSU.

  • @manne_sahne I'm confused. Just turning off the PSU turns everything off. What am I missing?

  • @gnydick Yes, thats also a solution. 🙂
    But i'd like to do that with the Duet, not by hand.
    The Duet has that PS_on Pin which can switch on/off a ATX-Style PSU.
    short = psu_on
    open = psu_off

    The Meanwells RC pins work different.
    short = psu off
    open = psu on

  • To switch the Meanwell PSU on/off, you need to have floating contacts: you can't use PSU_ON signal, as it closes to ground, and I don't think you can wire the ground on the Meanwell on/off inputs.

    You can use the same idea @c310 linked, but instead of switching the main line with the relay, just open/close the PSU on/off contacts.

    If you want to be able to switch it on, you need to have a dedicated 5V power supply to the Duet (through USB, for example).

  • @manne_sahne ah. Is the desire really to have the duet do it, or would a network controlled pdu do?

  • administrators

    I would love to be able to give a definitive guide to how to use the remote on/orr on a Meanwell PSU. Unfortunately, the information about it that they give in the datasheet is next to useless.

  • Hi everyone,

    you should also consider how the remote Signal wire is connected to the PSU (physically). I've used a similar Meanwell PSU before, and have not been able to find the matching connector anywhere (EDIT: because I obviously can't read , see below… irrelevant, then). You'd have to contact single pins inside the small connector on the PSU (not sure if 1,27 or 2,54 mm spacing).

    The easier and more hassle-free way would be to use a relay to switch the Input power to the 24 V PSU. @Jacotheron described this above and in more detail in his answer to my question here. Thank you again.

    Best regards, Niklas

  • @sonderzug You could have used a hrs df11-10ds connector, like described in the datasheet.

  • @manne_sahne wouldnt a simple inverter IC work?
    maybe get a hex inverter IC or a breakout board if you dont want to mess with small smd stuff

  • @jv43


    The Meanwell input is opposite logic to the Duet PS_ON output. I made this circuit up to isolate the Duet from the supply input and to invert the PS_ON output. The +5V is from the Meanwell aux 5V supply which also powers the Duet board in standby. Working now for maybe a 6 months, not a problem. RC- can be left floating.

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