SOLVED Cura and 4.1

  • matter controll printing via usb
    But cura wont see my creality cr10-s5
    Wi fi test work fine via esp 8266
    Any clue on how i get the duet plugin workimg on curra running ver.4.1. Suspect latest ver. Not compatible with duet addon ??

  • I believe the problem lies in naming the printer. The duet calles it e3 but software said cr10-s5 any advice would be appreciated

  • I gues what im asking is does the duet wifi communicate over wifi with cura 4.2 or must i use cura 4.0 there has been some speculation that it does not ..

  • do you have the duet plugin installed? If so you should only need the IP address and password. I don't think the name should matter.

    Mine is working fine with cura 4.2

  • Yes do.. but cura doesn't reconize the printer. I was thinking i would have to change the name on the duet card from e3 to cr10-s5???? Does yours reflect the name of your printer.?? Sorry but im new at 3d so any input answers all sort of questions 😊

  • The name should not matter. Can you pull up the web interface if you type the IP address in a browser?

    Mine looks like this:
    IP Address:

    I don't have a password on my web interface. Did you set one in the config.g file?

    May want to post pictures of your config.g file along with the machine settings in Cura you are looking at.

  • Follow you exept for the i p. I can acces thru browser no prob have contol over printer that way. so duet working fine. and can print via matercontrol from materhackers. But have nothing thru curra .. browser test panet works fine.
    In manage printers in cura, if i select cr10-s5 as the printer the ip and password are present .. same i p as the card or my network i gues would the next question
    Did i substitute cards ip where i should have used my network ip.. that didnt make sense to me?
    I thought it was asking for the duets ip. And password that's what i pluged into. Cura was this incorrect???? The i p i used was same as on the duet.....i assumed tgat curra is looking for that card address.

  • Use the menu options Extensions -> DuetRRF -> DuetRRF Connections and hit Add. This is where the IP address and password should go.

    If you don't have those menu options click 'marketplace' and search for DuetRRF plugin and install / restart.

    Once you have it installed it won't show up in the 'monitor' tab, it will show up once you slice a print, you can upload it directly to the duet, or open up the duet web interface in a browser (auto launch).

    Hope this helps, let us know if it is still not working as intended.

  • Are we talking about network ip or duet ip. Wich goes in the add-on in cura

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    @ziggymanpopo You need the ip of the duet in the plugin.

  • Thank you once again for your patience and all the help. 3d printing is new to me. And my computer skills imprive daily. Cura now loads a file

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    No problem at all. We all start somewhere.

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