PanelDue or Tablet?

  • I've decided I need a dedicated interface for my large delta running on a Duet Wifi. Something mounted to the printer.

    A cheap 10" Android tablet is less than a PanelDue and Screen. And, the tablet can be used to transfer G-code files from my Google Drive to the Duet.

    So I am leaning towards the tablet. I should note that I have NO Android experience (I'm in the iOS camp), but would only be using the browser.

    But, $$ is not really a motivating factor. And in the not too distant future I hope to use FTP to transfer my G-code files from my PC.

    Is there a reason to go with the PanelDue that I should consider.



  • administrators

    I use both a phone/tablet and a PanelDue. I find the web interface on the tablet completely usable on the 7 inch screen (so a 10 inch will be better).

    I do find the PanelDue a bit quicker to access key functions but that's at least partly because it's tethered/mounted on the printer so i don't have e to locate it in my office.

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