heater fault

  • Hi there!
    i was very happy printing many stuff with my duet based printer and suddenly without any change being made it is giving me heater fault.
    The weird thing is that if i put the temp. manually it does work fine, but when printing mode, while doing autolevel the parameters goes up a lot and down too, so i cannot print because after autolevel says heater fault.
    Also, if the autolevel is performed without errors the print goes fine.....i just changed the temp sensor and it is still doing the same. what can i check?

  • Are you using the smart effector

  • No well, it is a custom made effector, the noozle touches the bed and trigers a switch for autolevel function.
    I realized i didn´t explain very well,i ment the temp goes up and down like crazy, i mean it goes from 230 to 210 in a second and back up in the following second, is not a natural temp fluctuation.

  • did you do the autotuning with all fans on?

  • Hi there!!
    It looks like it was some issue in the wiring, altho looks in good shape, i changed the wire and it looks like it runs fine so far.

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