Pressure advance causing print failure?

  • I have a SeeMeCNC Artemis and have been playing with pressure advance as part of tuning the printer. When printing a simple, two column stringing test with PA enabled the print fails about halfway up (maybe 8mm up). For whatever reason it globs up on the print/nozzle to the point of failure, so I just stop the print. If I disable PA, the print finishes and looks good except for a bit of stringing. The Artemis has a long bowden (~800mm) and I’m using a PA setting of 0.9. I reached the 0.9 setting by using a linear advance K-factor gcode that I edited with the PA commands.

    Any help to figure out what may be happening here is certainly appreciated.

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    0.9 is very high. The K-factor test I think you're describing isn't a great way of tuning pressure advance.

    Try this instead, start printing the same test with pressure advance disabled and then every few layers increase the PA value and observe the changes.

  • The bowden alone on the Artemis is roughly 800mm, then the length of the Y connector (dual extruder) leading to the hotend and the hotend path itself..... so total length I’m guessing around 900mm. The K-Factor print is a single layer. It prints 10 lines at different PA values so that you can examine them afterwards and pick the most uniform line. Seemed to be a good test but for whatever reason a simple stringing test model fails every time with PA enabled. It ends ups with excessive filament on the nozzle to the point that it not longer is putting layers down on the model. Turn PA off and rerun same gcode and the model will finish just fine. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    This is essentially the same test I run to find a value.

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