Reduce the size of the PanelDue characters?

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    The subject has probably already been discussed, only and despite my research I have not found any information.

    I am trying to reduce the size of the inscription characters of my PanelDue, because using the default French, some of the comments in the buttons of the screen are incomplete (length of the French words). I think it is necessary to operate directly on the firmware, what do you think? Can we also display the map of heights on the screen?

    Thank you.

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    The PanelDue source code ( includes 5 fonts in folder /src/fonts, of which only 2 are used: one for the 4.3" builds and another for the 5" and 7" builds. The font actually used is defined in file src/UserInterfaceConstants.hpp. So you could build firmware with a different font used, for example you could use font glcd19x21 (the one used in the the 4.3" builds) in the 5" or 7" build (which normally use font glcd28x32).

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    Je vais me pencher sur la question et essayer de faire de mon mieux !!!

    Par contre, si vous recherchez des personnes parlant parfaitement le français (langue, maternelle) pour vos traductions et contractions de mots ! N’hésitez pas !

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    @Rudy2A You're welcome to provide any improved translations. 😉

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