UNSOLVED Duet WiFi board open circuit on hotend

  • Hi,
    My Duet Wifi board seems to work brilliantly. Stepper motors move as expected, homing works, end stops work. Everything moves almost silently. Couldn't be happier.

    HOWEVER, no matter what I do I get an "open circuit" error whenever I connect the hotend wiring. I've bought and tried three different hotend/thermister sets. Still the same error. In frustration I bought another board (a Maestro) and wired that one up - and the hotend works wonderfully. Really impressed. Without touching the wiring on the printer itself, I wired up the WiFi board (power and hotend) and the same issue - "open circuit".

    Any suggestions?


  • administrators

    Please post your config.g file and let us know what thermistor you are using.

  • Hi,
    Here's my config.g file, together with a pic of the bag the thermister came in.


  • administrators

    Here's the problem, in config.g:

    M305 P0 T9880 B4185 R4700

    Change to: M305 P0 T100000 B3950

    Similarly for the M305 P1 command. The B3950 is just a guess because the bag doesn't give the B value.

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