Will Duet 3 have a Maestro version?

  • Just like the Duet 2?

  • Hardly makes sense as Duet 3's focus is expandability while Maestro is economy; but on the other hand its been hinted to a possibility for a future Duet 2 Maestro to be able to work with a Raspberry Pi just like the Duet 3 board.

  • The Duet3D folks will have a roadmap in mind; but for the rest of us it's a wishlist 🙂
    The current v3 board has an awful lot of stuff built-in, in my humble printers I'd be staring at a sea of empty sockets over most of the board. Wasted potential and expense in my applications.

    I can see a place for a maestro like board with the SBC, and maybe the CAN bus brought across. Time will tell.

  • As has been said, it would make logical sense to be able to move certain tasks off the CPU and allow a SBC to handle them, as the technology matures and people become more proficient with the duet 3 and the SBC we will see a user base of plug ins being created which will help with popularity.

  • +1

    I would love to have a "headless/SBC" version of the Duet2 and Maestro. 🙂

  • administrators

    We are planning to extend the Maestro range with a WiFi version and probably a RPi version, but we're not planning to support CAN on it.

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