Y axis endstop always triggered on Maestro

  • So...

    No matter what I do M119 always says Y at min stop.

    This started happening after upgrading my bed axis.

    Endstop is connected as normally closed and set to normally closed in the firmware. I have no G90 in the wrong place, it just happened after the power cycle. I am losing hope quickly.

  • @Jaco-Conradie If you have a normally closed switch, then when it gets activated it becomes open circuit. So if a wire falls off, or you have a bad crimp or there is some other reason why it is open circuit, then it will act as if the end stop is triggered. If you have a multi meter, check continuity of both wires from the switch back to the board.

  • Connections are soldered and I replaced the switch with a new one.

    What happens is that if I click "HOME Y", Z lifts by 5mm, Y moves about 5mm, Z goes back down and printer thinks it's homed. I can't start printing like this. Is there no way to just remap the endstop input to the extra extruder endstop? Seems kinda silly to me that a board this expensive can't do that. You can do it with the motor drivers very easily, why not the endstops.

  • Hi Jaco,

    this is the way the RRF2 firmware works, your Y end stop must be connected to the Y end stop connector on the board.
    In RRF3 you are free to map your endstops to the connecter on the board to your liking...

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    Or you could move the Y motor to the spare extruder stepper drive (assuming you only have one extruder), and then use the extruder endstop! So in config.g if you currently have:
    M584 X0 Y1 Z2 E3 P3
    Change to
    M584 X0 Y4 Z2 E3 P3
    This remaps E1 to the Y axis. If you have a second extruder, you can map this to the Y stepper motor driver:
    M584 X0 Y4 Z2 E1:4 P3


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