confuse with z home position

  • Hello..
    I'm a really newbie on this..
    I have the printer almost ready...
    (Hard work) almost hit the printer with a big... big... hammer... 😂 😂
    But is OK now..
    My doubt is how to change the z home position..
    I need that the z 0 to be in the top of the bed and not in the top of the printer...
    Ex homing :
    X0 Y0 Z357 (this is what I want to home the axis of the printer)
    And when move Z 0 this goes to the top of the bed...
    How can I do that?
    I search maybe wrong way... but I could not find nothing...


  • i would suggest that you recreate the config using the configurator and select z homes a max instead of min.

    Otherwise you will need to change the homing files to change the direction of the moves in z direction and change the config.g M574 command to tell it z homes at max.

  • @Veti
    Later going to try...

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