Orion Piezo issues

  • I've been having some issues with my Orion Piezo. It seemed fine at first, but then I got mesh leveling working and realized that it may not be super consistent. After a random amount of probes, it stops reading. I also noticed that it takes quite a bit of force to trigger a probe. There's no amount of pot tuning I can do to make it a lighter tap. It seems like tapping the cooling fan claw/shroud makes it trigger every time, yet the nozzle takes a much more violent force.

    I'm at my wits end here because I can't seem to figure this out. I've attached my config.g and any other relevant files.

    Let me know what I'm doing wrong.

    Micah Morton

  • I think I figured it out..... My PETG printed part may have been slightly warped. Printed in PLA and it works... Huh.

  • For documentation purposes, I figured the issue out. The issue was that the potentiometer was rotated 180 degrees. Had some back and forth emails with Idris @Precision Piezo and he confirms that it's a super hard thing to diagnose. I just got lucky and gave it a shot.

    The Orion is working flawlessly now.

  • Thanks for documenting the final resolution. These things tend to pop up on a search engine and save someone else hours of frustration.

    I have to admit that I'd read your post (I use the Orion as well) and was baffled by what you were describing. My experience with the Orion is that it is easy to install and set up and easily achieves the quoted repeatability.

    It also has the excellent side effect of getting you into the habit of cleaning your nozzle after (or before) every print. No more nozzle tips peeking out from a blackened ball of plastic!

  • Glad to help. I ran a large forum for a while and the level of google indexing and such that leads people to a solution is usually worth coming back for.

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