SOLVED Cannot communicate with my Maestro

  • I cannot get comms with my Maestro 😞

    Windows cannot see it, tried Win7 and Win10.
    Tried 4 different cables, proved they can send and receive data.

    All the correct lights come on when USB power is applied as per this document.'t_respond

    Do I get another SD card and try that?
    I was able to copy the SD card so that is not a problem, ie the SD card is not broken.
    Nothing is hot, nothing burnt and no 'Magic Smoke' either.
    Ethernet port flashes away happily.

    Also, If the reset button was pressed without power, would that erase the firmware?

  • which port comes up as describted in the document you linked.

    the duet maestro comes configured to use dhcp. so you connect it to the network and check in your router which ip address has been assigned to the maestro.

  • Hi @Veti
    Its been working fine for months.
    Been away, turned it back on again and nothing.

    No ports come up in Windows.


  • pressing the reset button without power should not erase the board.

    if neither ports show up you are at the stage of trying to reset the firmware.

  • Thanks again @Veti

    So reading the instructions for Fallback #3
    "Remove the erase jumper as soon as the Diag LED lights up. This means you are successfully in programming mode."
    When I plug in the USB the diag light is already lit, before I jumper it.

    Have tried jumpering before powering also.

    Assistance please!


  • have you disconnected everything? i think dc said something about the mod pin sharing the diag led.

  • @Veti Yes, everything is disconnected

    Re conncted mains power after attaching 12468 display and that is blank too.
    Also recreated the SD card.

    Still no comms.

  • Err, I think I found the issue....

    P.I.C.N.I.C. error 🤦

    Thanks for your help.
    Just re loading the firmware via Bossa

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