Can Set So E0 Endstop = Extrude endlessly until release?

  • I'd like to be able to press a button (eg. E0 EndStop), and while button is pressed, the extruder continuously extrudes at a predefined speed, indefinitely until button is released.

    If this is possible, I'd then like to also be able to set it so the extrusion distance will always fall on a multiple of 5mm.
    So if the user releases button after extruding 32.72mm, the extruder will continue, and stop at 35mm.
    Alternatively, if the user releases E0 button at 32.72mm, could it continue to extrude until a specific endstop is triggered, ie. E1?

    I'm working on a custom project to create a new product, unrelated to 3d printing, which can utilize the duetwifi.... so if it works, I'm gonna need to buy a few.

    The duet I'm using is the Duet WiFi 1

  • maybe the 5mm requirement makes this possible by means of a trigger

    try creating a M581 E0 T2 trigger for E0 endstop, and in the /sys/trigger2.g file do

    G0 E5
    M582 T2

    that should make it move 5mm, and if the trigger condition is still asserted then it should run the trigger again, and again. You may have to experiment with the S parameter for rising or falling edge of the trigger to get the desired effect.