Duet WIFI 2 , Heater 0 defect

  • Hi fellows,

    My duet wifi 2 no longer heats from Heater 0.
    If no Heater Cartridge is connected the LED does turn on when i give command to start heating.
    If a Heater Cartridge is connected the LED does not even turn on.

    It started with prints failing because of the heater 0 suddenly stopped heating, after a reset it worked again.
    I was troubleshooting the issue but now i can't even get it to heat again.

    The hotend is working fine now with Heater 1, it is something with the Heater 0 terminal but not sure what is going on.

    Does anyone have an idea?

  • administrators

    Do you mean Heater 0 (the bed heater output), or do you mean the heater output labelled E0 Heat which is heater 1?

    Assuming you mean E0 Heat, please post a close-up photo of the area around the E0 Heat mosfet.

  • Hi Dc42,

    Sorry for the late answer.
    I do mean the E0 Heat.

    I am not sure where the E0 Heat mosfet is:

    I looked all over the board, i can't see any trace of something burned.


    duet.jpg duet2.jpg

  • the e0 terminal seems crooked, can you check the soldering points at the bottom (with picture)

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