Duet Maestro and chamber heaters

  • Hi all,

    Had a dig around to try solve this one however struggling to confidently figure it out.

    In the final stages of converting my 3d systems cube duo pro over to the duet system. The last piece of the puzzle is the chamber heater. Problem is, I've confused the duet 2 with the maestro when it comes to chamber heater capabilities. Whoops.

    Might be clutching at straws here but is there any way to use the expansion pins for 4th heater channel? I see there are 4 thermistor inputs for E0, E1,Bed temp and finally C temp (which I'm assuming is chamber temperature?)

    I was planning on using a dc/ac SSR to control the heater.

    Any help would be much appreciated!

  • Given the dynamic way RRF works, if you can sense temperature on that port, you should be able to control with it / create any sort of tool. So plug in a generic thermistor and try to read it then proceed to figuring out how to trigger chamber control (probably by turning a fan on using thermostatic control)

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    @E-T, I assume you are already using the standard 3 heater outputs. In RepRapFirmware 2 you cannot create another heater. But in RepRapFirmware 3 it should be possible. You can use a spare fan output if you have one, or the Z probe MOD output if you are not using a BLTouch. I can't remember whether any of the expansion connector outputs is PWM capable, but the wiki page about unused pins will say.

  • Thanks for the quick feedback!

    Currently I am only using the two extruder heater channels however was planning to upgrade to a heated platform soon, therefore aim to keep that channel free for what it does best. I'm currently on ReprapFirmware 2 and would prefer to stay on this platform until v3 is made stable. My knowledge on all this should not be trusted for debugging...

    Unfortunately only SERVO pin in the expansion port is PWM capable as far as I can tellfrom the wiki. I hadn't planned on installing a bed sensor though so this isn't a major. Will aim to port the chamber channel over to this down the line if need be or look at doubling up the extruder fans to free one of those channels up (the 3rd currently is part cooling).

    Until then looks like it'll just have to be the bed channel 🙂

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