Strain gauge z-probe max voltage

  • Hello everybody,

    I successfully use a strain gauge with an amplifier at the entrance of the Z-probe. The amplifier has an output voltage of -10 V to +10 V for -20 N to +20 N. Which maximum voltage is supported in the long term with the input of the Z-probe? Is the Z-Probe value equivalent to the voltage?

    So far, no problems have occurred.

    Thank you in advance,

  • @Gabriel You can safely assume 3.3V and that it's probably a little daring to go up to 5V, but anything over 3.3V should read at max.

    Use a voltage divider, or clamp top voltage using a diode. 10V isn't safe directly to the ATSAM as an input unless it's going through a buffer chip.

  • Thanks 3ddevil for your fast reply. I'll try one of your solutions. As long as the voltage is in the range between trigger value 0 and 1000 it shouldn't be dangerous, right?

    Thanks a lot in advance.

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