Z steppers/driver malfunction?

  • I have been working on my bed stabilization a bit and have been out of the config files.

    I turned off the printer and on a bit later and now my Z Steppers are going in the wrong direction and what seems to be grinding. Not sure what this is or why it just started doing it. Could it be a bad driver?


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    Yes it could be a bad driver. I suggest you disconnect the leadscrews and test whether the motors always move correctly, even when you try to stop the spindles turning with your fingers. Also check for bad connections between the motors and the Duet, and for burn marks on the driver chip.

  • Still acting the same without the leadscrews. There are no burn marks on the Driver. I did check the crimps on the connectors, Z-B one wire was not seated and came out easily. Fixed that but still getting the same motion.

    This board is new, never even had a print out of it yet, was still getting everything set up. Is there a warranty/return policy for this?

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    Yes, if your board has a faulty driver and you haven't abused it, we will repair or replace it. Please get in touch with your supplier.

  • Hello David,
    I came here for the same problem, my Z motors started vibrating during a print, and now they invert direction randomly. Checked the wires and everything seems fine, switched to different motors and the problem persists.
    Unfortunately my board is a bit more… weathered, so it may not pass a warranty check 🙂
    Do you offer paid repairs also?

  • administrators

    Yes, i do repairs in the UK and forum user W3DRK does repairs in the US.

  • Unfortunately I find myself having the exact same problem: I was configuring the firmware of my delta and when I tried, according to your guide, to test the motors individually, Z stepper started vibrating. Like user Incer, I checked the wires and switched to different motors and the problem persists.
    My board is brand new and I don't see any burn marks on the driver chip. Is there anything else I should try or test?

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    As it's the Z motor, check that both jumpers are the second Z motor socket. Also test that the Z motor works if you plug it into one of the other motor sockets. If the answers are yes and yes, ask for your board to be replaced under warranty.


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