Kossel Mini Upgrade

  • Hi All,

    I have been so impressed with the Duet powered Kossel XL that I decided to upgrade my Kossel Mini to a Duet also.

    The Duet won't fit between the steppers so I have printed legs to raise the frame above the workbench and slung the Duet underneath. All printed in rather nice battleship grey PETG. The conversion has been very easy as only a couple of wires needed extending. All software updated and installation checked out in what seemed no time at all. And, guess what? Whereas with the ramps controller it was really quite noisy, it's now as quiet as the XL!

    If anyone wants the SCAD/STL files, I am happy to share them.

    There's also a shield that goes over the board to keep everything in place and provide some protection.

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    Very nice!

  • Thanks David. The Duet has totally transformed this machine. It's now eerily quiet and, even better, the print quality looks to be vastly improved. Undoubtedly, the Duet is a huge advance compared to what I was using before.

  • Do you have Kossel XL with 1515? I have, do you happen to have any nice scad files for it? Majority of thingiverse versions are for 2020 extrusions.

  • Hi, my Mini uses 1515, the XL uses 2020. I have the orginal scad files from https://github.com/T3P3/kossel.git and also my recent efforts described above.

    Here's the scad files for the Duet upgrade parts: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2fbygl30gvr2kjs/kossel-mini-duet-upgrade-parts.zip?raw=1

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    Its great to see the design developed and extended as you have done, Thanks!

    Are you planning on publishing the upgrade on Youmagine or thingiverse? It would get a wider audience and be a more permanent place to host the files.

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