Duet boards for industrial applications

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    i'm wondering if there are some special Boards form Duet like the Duet2 or Duet3 boards which are compatible for industrial applications or Machines.

    What i mean with industrial is that the components which are installed on the Boards, are special designed to reach long life time higher operating temperatures.... Also are designed to run am Machine for 24/7.

    I am working with the Duet boards nearly 3 years now, and i never had any problems with the Hardware. I am also sure that the boards are designed for a long operating time, which is a very importand case at 3D-Printing.

    So if there are any information about industrial application and limitation of the Duet2/3 borads, it would be very helpful.

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    @Philipp-R Can you be more specific? What is your usecase, high temp operation or..?

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    The only components I can think of on the Duet that have significant life limits are the SD card and the electrolytic capacitors. You can replace the SD card yourself with one rated for industrial use. The electrolytic capacitors we use are these high temperature, long life, automotive-qualified ones https://b2b-api.panasonic.eu/file_stream/pids/fileversion/3117, not cheap consumer-grade ones, and we use 50V rated ones even though the maximum expected voltage is only 30V. So I don't think there is anything about the Duet that doesn't qualify it for industrial use.

    Duets are used in print farms, which surely qualify as industrial use.

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