passing along a (very minor) defect on recent Duet 2 Wifi

  • IMG_5420.jpg

    I'm almost 100% positive there should be connectors here on the hotend thermistors. This is as it was shipped to me just a few weeks ago from the pads are pre tinned but no connectors.

  • You are correct! Sorry about that. What's the serial number? Contact us at support at if you'd like to swap out.

  • I'm thinking that's the number on the sticker over the CPU... W00231

    I was able to solder in some dupont pins, so no replacement necessary, well, as long as that was the only defect 😀

  • Thanks! Sent you a partial refund as we certainly don't expect folks to solder their own headers!

    This shows the downside of pogo pin automated testing, they don't pickup if the headers are not there. There is a visual inspection step as well so this should have been caught, we'll follow up using the serial number.

  • wow thanks much!! I've got my printer about 90% up and running, so the board is doing great.

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