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  • Good day,
    I have a question about a reseller. I ordered a duetwifi at www.builda3dprinter.eu. My order is processing for almost a week now, so I sended a email, with the question when the order will be shipped. They don't answer my emails, there phonenumber isn't theres anymore and the building is for sale. I also didn't receive a conformation off my orderand my payment.
    Can you tell me if this company is still a reseller and what can I do to contact this company?

    Kind regards,
    G. de Bruin

  • Hi,

    First of all, thanks for your reaction. The fact that I went to this seller, is because it is linked as an official dealer on the duetwifi site. And because this reseller is also in Holland, it was the most easy and fastest way for me to purchase. I is not about the money.
    I just bought at this company becuase it is advised to dutch people to buy ther. See for youre self and click the link and take a look at the bothem of the site.

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    Hi Maffie

    Thanks for the report. Builda3dprinter.eu is indeed a reseller of ours. I will email them now to see why they have not shipped your order. Maybe they have gone on holiday for Easter, if so I would have hoped they would have put a notice on their website.


  • Hi,
    I am the owner of Build A 3D Printer and the reseller for Duet's in the Netherlands.
    Normally the Duet's are on stock but just before the order came in I ran out of stock. I informed the customer that they were ordered but that they will arrive end of the week. Sadly, that email was not received by the customer for unknown reasons. Probably the same happened for the order confirmation mails.

    The building is my private home and is indeed for sale, mainly to get a place with more room and nearby storage for my business. The phone number hasn't changed in years so I do not get that one.

    The Duet's came in today and the order has been packed, labeled and will be picked up by the carrier tomorrow. Naturally the customer was informed of this.

  • Thanks for your reaction. The reseller just contacted me and garanteed me to ship my order tommorow morning.

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