SOLVED M42 for servo pins control

  • I am trying to use servo pins on the duex5 to power a end stop splitter logic board, I want to control so that it's only powered during homing. I am trying to send it 3.3v, but
    m42 P7 S255 sends around 5v (just under) -- I want to send 3.3v -- so best I could come up with is
    M42 P7 S172 -- that does register as 3.3v on the multi meter, but is there a way to send 3.3v without using PWM?

  • I changed to S255 since PWM is not the right way to drop voltage -- and added a 3.3v voltage regulator, since what I need to power will only be on during homing process, it works fine

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    thanks for confirming that.

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