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  • Hello,
    I know logging and printer statistics were topics of a couple of posts.
    I'd like to put this on a wish list again.
    I'm also planning to use the Duet Board in a professional 3D printer setup.
    In my case M929 command is an initial option but honestly does not enable me to fully understand what was going on.
    Usage statistics give a grate helping hand to identify tear and wear of the printer hardware.
    What I'm basically seeking for is a counter type log which, similar to Marlin M78 command, lets me know basic printer statistic.
    Another nice example is the Octoprint plugin "Printer Statistics" which is pretty much what I'm seeking for on the duet board (https://plugins.octoprint.org/plugins/stats/). Print-Statistics.PNG Whereby I do not require such a kind of graphic processing or the estimation of the overall power consumption.
    Additionally the logging of extraordinary security relevant events such as heating faults, overpowered heaters etc. would be good to know to understand the usage and treatment of a printer.
    Warranty obligations in mind I think it would be also important that a user cannot manipulated Printer board statistics by e.g. simply flashing the Duet Board with a new firmware. Thus, writing such a log to the sd card or any sector which can be simply erased is probably not the best idea.

    Would be grate to know if you are planing something like this for the Duet 3.


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    @Nietkopfkluppe said in Logging / Printer Statistics:

    Would be grate to know if you are planing something like this for the Duet 3

    specifically for this - Duet 3 will enable a plugin to be written that can either:
    a) log locally
    b)log to a could service if the user/OEM wanted to.

  • Thank you for your fast response.
    Does log locally mean it is a log file on the SD Card or saved in a protected area of the Duet 3 including read only options?

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