Filename too long error in WebControl.

  • I constantly get this error message on my Duet Wifi, Here is the text from the console. Has anyone else found a fix?

    01/11/2019, 20:27:33: : Error: Filename too long: cap=120, dir=0:/www/ name=ocsp04-devid...

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    What version of DWC are you running?

    I would try replacing the existing /www folder files with fresh ones from the latest release.

  • I'm experiencing the same error on a new machine I'm setting up right now. Fresh install. I have re-uploaded the firmware and Webcontrols using to no avail. This is the first time I've seen this particular error. It pops up every minute to let me know.

    (Edit to say that the 'name=' itself is different on my printer. name=R/A3gKIDdlMW...)

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    How long is the full path to that file name?

  • I frequently get this error as well. My file path typically looks like:

    D:\3d Printing\G-codes\extruder-body_V1_0.1mm_PLA_10h11m

    I prefer using a longer name like this as it has information about particular file's slicer settings.
    DWC information screenshot.png

  • for information I have attached the error log starting from the print upload and ending with firmware diagnostics.

    DWC error log.txt

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    The maximum file path length supported by RRF is 120 characters, including 0:/gcodes/ at the start. I can increase this for Duet 3, but I don't want to increase it for Duet 2 because of RAM constraints.

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