Smarteffector blinking a lot, fast.

  • Hello, I ordered a smart effector from e3d a couple of month back and just got around to trying to powering it up as I was waiting for the linear rails to arrive, the good news is that it turns on but the bad news is that the led keeps blinking about 5 or 7 times every couple of seconds, at first I thought this meant that I had to configure it, but then I saw a couple of posts on this forum and saw that this is a strain gauge problem so I checked both sides and there it was a scuff on of the sides. And now that I actually took a closer look at it, it seems to have a couple of marks from what I think is the v6 heats ink hitting it, but most of them missed the strain gauge, I suppose i can't solder the trace, do you have any ideas or maybe another maybe simpler explanation to the flashy led? Thanks!

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    @gz no that sounds like the trace is damaged. soldering it might work if you are lucky but if it was supplied like that I would approach e3d for a replacement under warranty.

    P.S. I have made it easier to find the LED codes here:

  • thanks a lot for the quick response, yes i found where it has been damaged i think it's the v6 heatsink that hit it during shipping because i think all units are testedduring production, i did approach them but they said that the smarteffector is re-sold by them but made by duet3d so i have to verify that duet3d will accept the replacement under warranty... i don't know if i should try to resolder it yet since it would void said warranty... thanks again for the info !!

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    @gz don't try soldering it, lets go for a warranty replacement. Out of interest was the smart effector box particularly bashed about by the shippers?

  • if i remember correctly the outer box was damaged a bit but the inner blue and white one seemed ok that why i was thinking that it could be the heat sink that hit the effector. thanks a lot for your help !