Duet 3 + RRF3 : bad M999

  • Hi
    I made a mistake : on the console I type "M999 S0" instead of "M997 S0" to update the firmware
    From that time impossible to communicate with Duet3 ... few suggestions ?

    M997 S0
    Error: Code has been cancelled

    M115 same result ...

    Error: Code has been cancelled

  • M999 S0 should just reset the board and have it restart. What are the status of the LED between the SD card slot and the always-on fan header?

  • administrators

    restart the duet&pi

  • The 4 bottom LEDs are lit and the one of the arrow at the top in the picture[DIAG] flashes very slightly

    I turned off, waited 20sec and turned on the PI and Duet again (several times)

    A little more info, during the boot:

    1 - The arrow diode (DIAG) flashes normally during the boot of the Pi4 and the card

    2 - Then starts flashing very weakly (at the same frequency) when the connection is established

    08/11/2019, 18:50:13	 Connected to

    3 - Then 15-20sec after that disconnects and it reconnects!

    08/11/2019, 18:50:38	Connection established
    08/11/2019, 18:50:31	Warning: Controller has been reset
    08/11/2019, 18:50:31	Connection interrupted, attempting to reconnect...
    Broken pipe

    Dashboard is empty

  • Flashing very lightly usually indicates that the firmware is corrupted. If it was on very lightly with no flashing it usually means the firmware was erased.

    You're going to have to use "Fallback Procedure #3" in this guide to get it back...

  • I connected a USB cable to the Duet.

    In the device manager the Duet appears like this during the boot of Duet 3

    Then the device disappears

    Trying to :

    • Reboot the PC (W8.1)
    • Changing USB cable
    • Trying one other PC (W8.1 too)
    • Installing Duet drivers from Windows update > fail
    • Installed Bossa > no port listed in Bossa

  • Try erasing the firmware by jumpering the "Erase" pins in the middle of the board for a few seconds while it's powered on.

    • Erased the firmware
    • Uploaded RRF3 beta12 with Bossa

    Perfect, everything works like before...

    Thank you

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