Toolchanger with 6 tools...question about Duetwifi and Duex5

  • I own Venturi 3D who are developing an E3D compatible toolchanger, and we're still finalizing it, but meanwhile we have been contacted by a company who is requesting a possible custom build of a 6-toolchanging 3D printer, to be developed now and ready for when E3D sells the individual tools soon.

    In theory, having a Duetwifi with a Duex5 should be able to run the standard CoreXY setup (Single Z so far) and run 6 extruders AND one stepper for the toolchanging mechanism itself.

    So on paper this seems to be a straightforward setup with just enough of ports on both boards to accommodate this , but I don't want to move forward if there's anything I'm overlooking that we need to change. Does anyone have input on issues we may run into with this setup?

  • What size do they want? I have a 6 tool changer already modelled up.

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    As that would max out a Duet WiFi, you might want to consider using a Duet 3 instead. Depending on the time scale, that might also allow you to use tool boards, simplifying the wiring.

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