Your Duet rejected the HTTP request --> problem

  • As from yesterday, i get this error:
    "page not found Check that the SD card is mounted and has the correct files in its /www folder"

    I try to unplug 24V main power supply, unplug USB, reconnect everything and it worked for a while.
    Then I run homing and got this error :
    Error: Cannot read file, error code 1
    after that i lost my files in G-codes directory....

    It appears that i have to replace the SD card and reinstall firmware to solve this problem ?.

    The only thing i am concern of is this.
    Would it be possible that the SD card got damaged because of the setup that i use for triggering vacuum pump.. To be more exact. i have hooked up my external circuit that is triggering 24V ( external 24V adapter not connected to duet ) to my vacuum injector and replaced one jummper under FAN.
    To manage this to work HW setup is made on the way like i showed in picture. Could this anyhow effect to duet board ? I dont think that this has anything to do with it but who knows...

    Gcode setup:
    G4 P150
    M106 S255
    G4 P150
    M106 S0




  • administrators

    Your mosfet board is unusual in that it does not use an optically isolated input. Therefore you must be using a common ground between the Duet and the supply to the pump. SD cards are fragile and it's possible that a ground transient damaged the SD card. I recommend that you change to a mosfet board with optically isolated input.

    You need to replace the SD card, but you should not need to re-install the firmware unless the transient has also corrupted flash memory.

  • optically isolated input
    ok. i can do that.

    I have installed new sd card and copy / pasted all backup data and it look that everything is OK.

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