Overriding Offsets

  • Is there a way to manually enter new tool offsets via terminal to override the config file and have them retained after power cycle or estop?

  • Manually enter: Yes, G10 in "console".

    Retain past power cycle: Edit config.g, insert same G10.

    Best of both: Write a macro called "Toffset.g" (or whatever). When you want to change, edit that file on the macro page, and then run it.

    Make it persistent with this in config.g:

    M98  P"/macros/Toffsets.g"                  ; Set tool offsets from the bed. In separate file so test macro can invoke. 

    And, just for completeness, the Toffsets.g file itself:

    G10  P0 Z-2.75 X0     Y0
    G10  P1 Z-3.05 X-1.00 Y0.30

  • Thank you Danal, the macro approach my work.

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