DWC print interface change

  • Hi,

    i have menor, very menor, issues when use DWC, from a narrow screen...

    In a wide screen, I see the print menus, like this:

    Wide Screen

    When i use a narro screen, i see like this:

    Narrow Screen

    If you see, the microstepping control that raises the printhead, its down, and de control that lowering the head its up.

    Too propose, the chage of icons... something like this:

    Proposal change

  • The icons uses are better, as they do not rely on the geometry of the Z axis: on some machine, the bed is moving down to increase the space, but on other machines the hotend is moving up to increase the space.

    So, with your proposition, it can be confusing in the first case...

  • But I agree, icons order can be changed...

  • @peirof You have changed two things in your example diagram image:

    1. The Plus / Minus ordering of the icons in

    2. Removed an arrow from the icons.

    Regarding (1), any order is fine with me.

    Regarding (2), I feel very strongly that we must keep both arrows on each icon. The "squeeze together" arrows vs. the "spread apart" arrows are intuitive for printers that move either the nozzle or the bed. Any single arrow is incredibly confusing for a subset of operators.

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