Duet3D 3 CNC support

  • Hi,

    I'm a total newbie in the CNC world and also quite afraid about currents, especially because I have burnt a driver before.

    This is my CNC machine's stepper spec:
    ![https://i.imgur.com/yZ05XVj.png](image url)

    The Duet3D 3 specs say:
    "6 Next Generation Trinamic 5160 stepper drivers running at up to 4.45A RMS, 6.3A peak with firmware control of the full feature set including up to 256 microstepping, StallGuard 2 and StealthChop2"

    But I'm not sure if I should multiply the current by each phase or not.
    Do you think this board handle these motors?

  • administrators

    The rated current we quote is per phase, so Duet 3 will easily handle those motors. Duet Wifi and Duet Ethernet can handle them too, but if using one of those then you would need to cool the board with a fan.

  • Okay. No I'm even more confused.
    Does this board has WiFi? Will it have a WiFi enabled version?
    What do you mean by "The Ethernet port provides the ability to directly network to the board - along with the built in SD card this provides a reduced feature set"
    A reduced feature set? What features can't I use?

  • @orc Give us a clue. Which board are you looking at? The Duet3 or the Duet 2 WiFi or the Duet 2 Ethernet or the Duet Maestro?

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    We intend the Duet 3 to be used with an attached Raspberry Pi 3B or 4 or other single board computer (SBC). The SBC provides the network connectivity, and these models of Raspberry Pi provide both Ethernet and WiFi.

    However, the Duet 3 can also be used in standalone mode (without a SBC). In that configuration, the network connection is via the built-in Ethernet interface.

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    PS - I have updated the comparison chart at https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/The_Duet_family_of_motion_control_electronics to include Duet 3.

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