Mesh bed compensation not correct

  • Hi everybody, I noticed that despite auto-bed-levling (8x8 points) and mesh compensation (G29) the print bed is not aligned correctly before every print job. There are still places where the nozzle is too close or too far away. The plate used is a BuildTak. Z-Probe is an IR sensor.

    How can that be?

    [0_1574756693119_Mesh Bed Compensation](Uploading 100%) We have already tried very hard:

    • Sample speed
    • different buildplates
    • Light switched off and darkened
    • old height map deleted

    For me it looks like "mirrored" on the diagonal. Bottom left too close and top right too far away from the bed.

    Unfortunately I do not know any more. I hope somebody can help me.

    ![0_1574756763922_Unbenannt.PNG](Uploading 100%)

    Many thanks

    Greetings Christian (CR-3D)

  • Hi,

    dc42 has reported a problem with mesh compensation and is working on it.


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