Before start of print nozzle is way off from the bed

  • Hi guys
    I have been busy trying to fine tune my printer .
    I seem to have a slight problem when beginning a print job.
    When i send a print , i have added a start and end code to home axes, start bed and heater temps, etc. etc.
    when it begins printing, it starts off like 5mm and more above the heatbed.
    i stop the print, cancel job, reload the same gcode file, run it, and then prints at the right height and everyting is correct.
    i am not using a config override file, so it cannot be that which is creating this issue.
    Does anyone have an idea why this is ?

  • Hi,

    In cases like this you should post the relevant files like your config file, your homing files and the print start code you mentioned.


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