Duet 2 Wifi Expansion board IO use

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    Hello, here we talk about duex0, I would like to know where I can find some of this, or if the firmware is already programmed to accept this card, with what I could design and use without modifying anything.

    I want to organize my wiring and get the most out of the expansion head.

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  • I want to be able to have the sales of a duex, that is to say, heaters, fans, but with the freedom to use external stepper motors, I previously worked on a expansion board, which connects to the expansion head just like a duex uses the chip sx1509B, but with level converters for external stepper motors, which leads me to have to modify the firmware by changing the IC2 address of the chip, and I wanted to know if this is already implemented, with what I can do the circuit and put Everything to work.


    this is the image of the circuit, similar to duex5 but in ulgar of tcm2660 it carries the breakoutboard level converters for 7 stepper motors.

    I have tried to build the firmware for myself to make the change but I have not been able, after several attempts, and if I do it myself, this forces me to have to modify the firmware every time there is a new update.
      Your help will be greatly appreciated.

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