Heater Fault Again!

  • I just thought I should share this with the newbies here.

    Struggling for many weeks to solve a heater fault problem that was driving me nuts. No matter what I tweaked or changed seemed to 'fix' the problem of hotend heater heat rising too slowly, causing a heat fault error message. I tweaked the heating element code, the thermistor code, auto-tuned until my fingers fell off. And then, I wiggled some wires on the Smart-Effector near connector and the fault disappeared!! That was way back Feburary 2018. In July I went in for an electional 1 day gallbladder surgery, things went south, and I expended nearly three months in ICU & had multiple surgeries, all thanks to Xarelto & Exelis...blood thinners. Dangerous meds. So, now that the zipper is healed up and I'm back into my groove, I went and fired up my AnyCubic (all that is remaining of that printer are 2020 profiles, the 3 tower motors, and the belts, everything else has been replaced). And, bingo another heater fault!

    The first time I ran it, it took three fault (M562 P2) resets to attain PLA temp, and the second time, it wouldn't get up past 180°C, and the third time not above 170°C.

    And then, I remembered...wiggled those wires and its running properly again. Something not crimped too well...or a resistive connector pin?

    The moto to this tale newbies, check your wiring when all else fails.


  • @3mm said in Heater Fault Again!:

    Something not crimped too well..

    what crimping tool do you use for the ferrules?

  • Veti,

    Copy & paste into Amazon search field: B06XCZC89W

    I did not buy from this particular vendor, as the vendor I did buy from was via eBay and that vendor has disappeared. However, this vendor seems to be selling exactly the same product that I purchased through eBay. I can not vouch for this vendor but his product appears to be the same exact product. The case is same, the ferrules the same count and color and has same crimper.

    The 'bootlace ferrule' crimper tool is Nr: HSC8 6-4, which is the same as that marked on my crimper!

    My crimper works perfectly. I haven't tracked down the wire issue yet on my delta printer, but its on today's do-list. I am satisfied with the ferrule crimper's functionality, it works finely. Things happen.

    To afford easier crimper usability, I replaced the Phillips cross-point ferrule size 'adjustment 'setting' screw with a 3/4" (0,75inch/19mm) long pan head screw, so that its easy to remove without having to resort to using a screw driver to change ferrule size. Screw in/out by forefinger & thumb, etc, eg, loose.

    Hope this helps