Bed Heater making duet WiFi crash

  • Hi, this is my first post. We’re trying to get help with conversion of a BFB3D Touch to use the Duet WiFi.

    We’re getting everything to work one by one (steppers, etc) and now we’re trying to get the Bed Heater on. When we set the active temperature for the bed the board crashes (lost web connection), it also does this when M303 auto-tune

    The thermistor reading is fine at room temp.

    We are using a custom aluminum bed with a heat pad, and a 24v power supply. Seems like the wiring is straight forward, but the board crashes on active temp or auto tune

    Is there an more info that we can post to troubleshoot?

    Thanks you

  • Have you looked at the voltage level when you switch on the bed heat ? COuld it be that you are running out of electrons ?

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    Next time it crashes, run M122 as soon as possible after restart, and post the output here.


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    Most likely, the PSU can't handle the current draw of the bed heater. What is the PSU output current rating? Is the bed heater definitely intended for 24V operation?

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