RRF Support for PINDA Probe

  • Hi, I just picked up a PINDA probe (the one Prusa uses on its printers) with the intention of using it as an NPN inductive sensor. The problem with inductive sensors is that the heat from the bed can cause the trigger point to drift somewhat and affect your measurement accuracy.

    The interesting feature of the PINDA is that it has an internal thermistor to allow temperature compensation which works by adding an extra connection (4 wires instead of the usual 3). In theory the probe connector could be replaced with two separate connectors: one for the NPN inductive sensor and a second for this thermistor output allowing the sensor to be connected to the Probe port and the thermistor to be connected to a spare thermistor channel.

    If this could be done is there any support for compensating probe measurement against probe temperature in RRF like the prusa printers do?

  • Hi

    I read somewhere that it will be supported in RRF3 but for RRF2, best leave the temp sensor disconnected.

  • administrators

    It's already supported in RRF3. You need to use M308 to configure a sensor that uses the thermistor, then specify that sensor to provide the temperature compensation in G31.

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