Multiple samplings for homing on XYU like Z axis can

  • I am looking to see if there is a way to do multiple samplings like the z probe is able to with a configurable tolerance. I am seeing some variance on some hall effect end stops I am using and was looking at options to increase accuracy/repeatability of them. Multi sampling of end stop triggers seems like an easy way to do that. But it seems the firmware only supports those settings on the Z probe feature.

    In general it would be nice to test/document end stop consistency in any case.

  • While I can't help with your question, I am curious why you would possibly want/need better accuracy on the x/y endstops. Any inaccuracy would only move the placement of the object on the build plate. It would not affect print accuracy.
    I suppose if you do subtractive models (ie pcb milling) then placement would be a bit more critical but even then I would think that standard end switches would give plenty of accuracy.
    Anyway, just curious what your reason is to want to implement better accuracy in the x/y endstops.

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    @jens55 said in Multiple samplings for homing on XY like Z axis can:

    just curious what your reason is to want to implement better accuracy in the x/y endstops.

    Only time it would really come into play would be resuming after a power failure. You'd want the repeatability to be high enough that the new layers register on top of the existing layers.

  • @jens55 I print a lot of multi material, and a lot of support material with my IDEX printer. Alignment of the X and U Axis are critical to ensure that close fitting supports don't mark up or interfere with the structural materials. Having the X or the U Axis home slightly off causes issues. I did mitigate this a bit by changing the homing speeds for the final "repeat" hit in Gcode down to 100mm/min and that seems to have increased repeatability a bit from the stock 360mm/min settings.

    The Y Axis accuracy would be for power failure resumes like @Phaedrux mentions below.

    Overall my goal is just to have the homing to be extremely consistent so I don't need to worry about it, and I like the way the Z Probe tolerance setting is for that.

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    Moved to the firmware wishlist section.

  • Thank you for the explanation re multi material. SInce I am currently struggling with registration of two nozzles due to a slight bend in a heat break, I can fully appreciate this. Further, when it comes time to a set up a multi head system, I can see this feature to become critical.

    Phaedrux, thanks for moving this onto the wish list.

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