Error: G0/G1 target position not reachable from current position

  • Hi everyone, first time posting here, long time lurker though.
    I’m re-commissioning my old OpenBeam KosselPro, this time with QuadFusion head, and there are some problems with initiating test print. After heat bed reaches target temperature the print is terminated, showing that error msg. The file is sliced with Kisslicer Premium.
    Now, when I slice the same file with Voxelizer, the print starts, head rams into bead but after ~1.8 mm babystepping everything works more or less ok.
    The Voxelizer print starts with G1 Z10 and waits about 10mm above bed for bed and head heat up in contrary to Kisslicer’s print that starts with head close to the top. I think there is a room for some code intervention.

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    Please share the first 50 or so lines (not counting comments) of the file that provokes the error message.

  • G21
    M140 S75
    M190 S75
    This is when print stops. No move. No nozzle heating.
    G X49.647 Y17.114 F6000
    G4 P0
    G X49.647 Y17.114 F6000
    G4 P0
    M104 S235
    M109 S235

  • I lowered head by 5mm, but I think for that size of initial move it is not enough.

  • I sorted problem by lowering head by 25mm following homedelta. Will test what’s needed for prints starting at the most distal points from center.

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    @Butrym said in Error: G0/G1 target position not reachable from current position:

    G X49.647 Y17.114 F6000

    This is commanding XY movement to an unreachable position. This seems an odd thing to do. Is that command in your slicer start GCode? If so then I suggest you add a suitable Z coordinate to that command, for example Z5. If it's not part of your start GCode, then you could add G1 Z5 to your start GCode.

  • @dc42 Thank you Very much, David, that’s what I was able to realize, once I monitored arm movement. Surprisingly, the same printfile executes properly on my Ultibot DV300, however I see the print head drops a little while waiting for nozzle to heat.
    Currently, trying to properly setup QuadFusion printhead, but I will start another thread.

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