HELP PLEASE PanelDue Firmware Writing

  • Hi,

    So I have had my PanelDue sitting aside for a few months since I am having issues with it but really would like to get it running for my senior project demonstration.

    The main problem I am having are two things and despite what says to do, I cannot get any sort of Bossa driver installed on the PanelDue, as well as I cannot understand how I am able to install the Bossa program they recommend to use as my computer (x64 bit windows 10) but I have no idea which binaery to download, so I downloaded them all from but I cannot even open a single file from any of them.

    I have one bossac file that is a .exe application file downloaded, but it just quickly opens a window and then closes down within a second.

    I am super confused and could really just use some help getting firmware on my PanelDue since it is currently a $100 paperweight 😕

    I guess a simple walk through would be perfect, answering my main questions;

    1. How can I get the bossa driver on to my PanelDue, as it currently is displayed as an "Unknown USB Device". Where to download?
    2. To use the Bossa program or use it through the command prompt, what all do I need to download? What do I need to install it (Third party program to read these weird .tar files?)

  • I got it updated using Win 10.

    using Command line bossac found here:

    so open the CMD ( command line) and use the links on David's blog:

    bossac.exe –port=COM9 -e -w -v -b PanelDueFirmware.bin

    i just use the root folder of a drive ( so put the bossac.exe and the firmware file in the rood folder and use command line to run it just like above)

    read through david's blog again to get it in to the mode where its a com port. as well as getting everything else going

    hope this helps,

  • Russ,

    Thanks for this I get what you are saying for using the cmd prompt to run the exe.

    I am still stuck on getting a driver uploaded to the paneldue. For some reason I cannot get one to load to it, nor can I find the bossac driver mentioned in the blog.

  • i dont remember ever doing that.

    what you might try is install the arduino IDE and it will come with all the drivers. then it *should work.

    I'm thinking that's why mined worked….

    I just switched to win 10 no long ago and just went through a long list of things to install, and this one one of them.

    so install arduino IDE, then fallow david's instructions to see if you can see a com port when the panelDUE is plunged in via usb and reset.

    If you get that far then you can just upload the firmware directly using the PanelDUE. ( there is no driver to upload to the panelDUE, just the firmware)

    you have the .bin file that is the firmware you want to put on it right?


  • You don't upload a driver on the PanelDue, you upload a .bin file which is the compiled firmware for the PanelDue.

    A driver is some code that runs on your computer to allow your computer to talk to the PanelDue.

    What step of the instructions of the blog are you stuck on?

  • administrators

    The latest version of the Windows device driver for the Duets in my github repo includes the Bossa Port driver. So you only need that driver and the bossac.exe program (also in my repository) and you don't need to install Arduino any more. For the bossac.exe command line to use, see the Panel Due installation instructions at

  • also this is an older video but… i go through the steps ( i forgot i even made this video< DOH)

    (if it fits you can add it to your blog David???)

    it could be edited down as well but its to the point i think…


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