Heater Error.

  • I'm getting a Error: heating fault on heater 1, temperature excursion exceeded 15.0C error and I'm not sure what is causing it.

    I've looked under https://duet3d.com/wiki/Spurious_heater_faults_and_how_to_avoid_them for a clue but don't see what could be causing it.

    I can run a PID auto fine. It's been printing for a while. I've been running a first layer test disc trying to dial that in.

    Then all of a sudden on my last print this started happening. It only happens when the printer starts moving.

    I have G32 at the beginning of the GCode and as soon as the calibration starts, the temp starts to fluctuate.

    Here is a graph, you can see it starts as soon as the printer starts moving. I'm I would assume a bad heater element wouldn't be affected by the movement. Wiring is good.

    Any ideas?

  • I'd say that if it only happens when the printer is moving as you say, then it has to be a bad joint/connection/cable or the thermistor wiring is picking up noise from a stepper?

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    I agree, fast changes in the temperature reading normally indicate a bad connection. If the changes are spikes to 2000C when using a thermocouple or PT100 sensor, then they can also be caused by interference.

    A temperature drop when the print cooling fan turns on at the end of the first layer is quite common, but takes place over a few seconds.

  • I'm using a Thermistor and no cooling fans. I'll check the wiring again.

    The temp will start to fluctuate during the calibration before it even starts to print.

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    Also check for shorts between the thermistor wires and the heater block.

  • I have the same error "Error: heating fault on heater 1, temperature excursion exceeded 15.0C" it only appears when i start printing 2nd model without duet reboot. printer prints part of the skirt and gives this error.

    once i reboot board by emergency stop web button, all works fine.

    any ideas how to avoid it?

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    The simplest way is to increase the allowed temperature excursion using M570. Alternatively you can adjust the heater model, but I'd need to see the temperature graph up to where the fault occurs to make recommendations.

  • David,

    i made a PDF with screenshot.

    and link to .gcode file

  • i can not edit my post 🙂

    can you print my file with 1.18 firmware? (part is very small) ?

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    Looks like you had a large temperature overshoot. Have you auto tuned the extruder heater?

    If you did tune the extruder heater and you haven't made any changes to the hot end or power supply since then, try increasing the A parameter in the M307 H1 command by 10%. Note, this command may be in config-override.g if you have used M500.

  • well, M303 does not calibrate to the end. there is and error on phase 2:


    how can i run thermal calibration with no errors?
    do i need to put something else to config file?

    these are values from config-override.g

    ; Heater model parameters
    M307 H0 A90.0 C700.0 D10.0 S1.00 B1
    M307 H1 A340.0 C140.0 D5.5 S1.00 B0
    M307 H2 A340.0 C140.0 D5.5 S1.00 B0
    M307 H3 A340.0 C140.0 D5.5 S1.00 B0
    M307 H4 A340.0 C140.0 D5.5 S1.00 B0
    M307 H5 A340.0 C140.0 D5.5 S1.00 B0
    M307 H6 A340.0 C140.0 D5.5 S1.00 B0
    M307 H7 A340.0 C140.0 D5.5 S1.00 B0

    and i have in config

    M305 P1 T100000 B4250 R4700 H30 L0	  

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    Reduce the target temperature in M303 or increase the temperature limit in M143.

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